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Hi Richard, finally back in the office, to explain the background, we supply the security and stewarding to some of the outdoor events up and down the country, Goodwood, RHS, Golf, Badminton, Windsor and so on.
The guys and girls work long hours and invariably do it in the rain or in blazing sunshine.

So anything going down the exhausted wet and hot route with lots of nice people around asking the same question for the hundredth time looking somewhat dishevelled would be a good starting point.

I always pencil sketch up my cartoon ideas and then show/email the editor/designer or whoever I’m working with. The reason for this is that you can sometimes get too close to your own work, so you need an outsider to cast a fresh eye on it. If you don’t do this – and there are cartoonists who don’t – you can get self-indulgent and obscure, forgetting that there are actually readers out there who’s attention we’re trying to grab. Plus, A second opinion giving constructive feedback improves the final cartoon. In this case the printed copy made for a much better cartoon.

Here’s the first rough sketch I did for the cartoon. However, on showing my editor over an email, he immediately suggested that we should probably go for the ‘rainy’ scene as it would be funnier.

going the extra mile cartoon

I agreed and then came up with this…

going the extra mile in your work. pouring with rain and getting soaked


That’s much better, Richard! Can I see it in colour please?

Raining cartoon. Old lady with brolly asking someone for the toilet. Guys going the extra mile to help her out!

Of course, the simplicity makes for a much better cartoon. And that’s why a cartoonist needs an editor.

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