“Cartoonist”, drawing health and safety cartoon doodle videos!

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“Cartoonist”, creating a health and safety cartoon doodle videos on WORKING IN CONFINED SPACES! Remember, a cartoon or cartoon doodle video can drive the health and safety message home! Cartoons can save life or limb! Cartoon GeniusCartoon Services from Richard Duszczak, cartoonist for hire. Cartoon Studio working to make you and the rest of the… Read more »

“Hire a cartoonist” to create the prefect learning tools that cartoon illustrations are!

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Cartoon Illustrations creating the perfect learning tools… Our education system uses illustrations to make learning a fun and memorable experience. A child starts out seeing the world as a new adventure, as if all the things we took for granted, something mystical. It is a world where making new discoveries is not uncommon and learning… Read more »