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If you want to teach your employees how to stay safe in their workplace, one of the most effective ways to do this is by using customized safety cartoons. The safety cartoons are great for spreading the message in an interesting, humorous and straightforward way. Order your customized safety cartoons from me and teach your employees safety in a creative and efficient way. I can make animated illustrations or visual cartoons made into posters so you can hang them around training facilities and wherever you think it’s necessary. I want to help you keep your employees safe by helping them recognize the potential dangers and avoiding certain behaviors. My customized safety cartoons will be specifically aimed at your workers as I will take into consideration the structure and the work environment present in your firm. My drawings are noticeable and great for attracting the employees’ attention. I will make my drawings relevant so that the workers can relate to them. If you want your company to be known for taking good care of employee safety, order some customized safety cartoons today.

Spot the hazards cartoon – Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety…

Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety - spot the hazards cartoon. Hazards in a restaurant kitchen and restaurant. Numerous health and safety hazards in this restaurant kitchen cartoon. Poster size cartoon

This cartoon is poster size A2 which is 59.4cm wide x 42cm deep. Ideal for training staff/colleagues to be more safety conscious.

You can purchased a licence for the ‘Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety’ cartoon at my sister web site:

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