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Hire Cartoonist here, Cartoonist Richard available to hire on +44 (0)1246 209034, or Email: 

Professional cartoonist Richard Duszczak available to hire here with over 30 years experience for you to tap into the cartoon knowledge of.

Things you can hire a cartoonist for!

You may like to find a cartoonist for personalised cartoons in the form of a caricature to give as birthday gifts, Christmas presents or ‘Sales person of the month’ award. Let your imagination run wild!

You might need a cartoonist to illustrate a book you’ve been writing – I’ve worked with many writers. I can illustrate your ideas or come up with my own to compliment your writing. Cartoonists can also illustrate user manuals, installation guides and other texts.

Cartoon book cover for Hansel and Gretel. Cartoonist for hire - book cover for Hansel and Gretel spin-off. Cartoon of House made of sweets

You could be looking to find a cartoonist for developing editorial or political cartoons to get a point or view across.

You can find a cartoonist here to provide cartoon strips on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Cartoon strips with great characters can build up a following over time.  Comics are a very powerful medium of communication, and are used by people for explanatory reasons as well as adding humour to a publication or web site.

MD cartoon strip, comic strip of cartoon character MD. Life is tough at the top - it's also tough at the bottom.

Find a cartoonist who can draw a humorous picture of your pet. Maybe there was a funny incident that you would like illustrating!?

Are you searching  for a cartoonist to provide motivational cartoons? Maybe you want to motivate kids to be health and safety conscious? Maybe you want to motivate your child to stick at the sport he/she’s good at? Motivational reminders to keep their goals in the forefront all the time?

motivational cartoon - cartoon of a number of people carrying a mountain above their heads, Together we can move mountains


Cartoonist Richard available to hire on +44 (0)1246 209034, or Email: 

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