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Hi Richard,

Kevin passed on your contact details – I hope that’s okay.

I’ve written a children’s book (think Finding Nemo but set in the bird world), which I hope to publish soon (Walker and Murray Books have shown interest, and I’m about to approach Templar). I’m looking at illustrating the book (not my strong suit) so have contacted a number of friends / acquaintances asking them to submit some work. Kevin and one of his business partners are thinking about optioning the story because they feel it has the potential to make a feature-length animation.
Would you be interested in getting involved? If so, I can send the book so that you can get a feel for the story. You might also know of a specialist publisher not on my list that my agent could approach…

Best wishes, Liam

Of course I was interested! After reading the brief and the first chapter of the book here’s a black/white version that I came up with to start with…

illustration of bird of prey

Hi Richard,
Many thanks for this – it looks great! A new take on the character and in a completely different style from the others.
I should be meeting the producers at the end of this month so I’ll present the artwork to them then. I will, of course, let you know their thoughts. Liam

Here’s the coloured sample…


Watch this space!!!

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